Phillip Burger

42devs Creator and Lead Instructor

With countless years experience in software and website design as well as a desire to provide amazing customer service and help others start businesses, Phillip can teach and help you succeed in an online marketing business! Details about Phillip’s experience and teaching style are below.

Projects I enjoy working on

Small business websites

E-commerce solutions for online stores

Social Media marketing

Advanced analytics analysis

Custom website design

Teaching others design and marketing skills

Providing superior customer service to clients

I started building websites when I was a teenager and then graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science to build on this knowledge. After working almost 15 years in the software industry while helping build an online marketing business with my wife, I stepped out on my own to work full time helping small businesses and individuals with their online marketing needs.

The freedom of running our own business enabled us to sell our house and downsize our lives. We now live in an RV and travel around the country. We love exploring and finding new places as well as meeting new people. This feeling of freedom gave me a desire to help others work towards similar goals.

Thank you so much for checking out the information about my online website design and maintenance course. I look forward to teaching you and working together to help you reach your goals!

Phillip Burger

Creator and Lead Instructor, 42devs